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Friday, December 5, 2014

December 4, 2014 Meeting

 Christmas Party


 Show and Tell
Darlene McClain
finished her UFO

 Betty Ireland
finished her potholder
Betty also finished her sew
as you go table runner.

 Diane Head
donated a charity quilt
 Another charity quilt
by Diane Head
 New Officers
Mary Ann Tribble, Treasurer
Joanna Marren, Secretary
Pam Ippolito, Vice President
Rise Lockwood, President

Linda Daughtry made this
Pillow and baby quilt for
her roofer

 Linda also made this
Day of the Dead quilt
Linda's quilt

 Another quilt by Linda

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

October 2014 minutes

Minutes for October 23 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Janet Locke, President, at 6:20 pm.
Janet welcomed the members in attendance and recognized the guests who joined us.  Glenda Sykes, Ryuko Hawkins, and Pamela Smith were new faces.  Ginny Berger and Cheryl Brown were repeat faces.
October birthdays were recognized:  Dottie Horne – 23; and Scottie  Blumke – 31 (Halloween baby).  Since we will not be meeting in November, those birthdays were recognized also: Diane Simonsen – 4; Mary Jane Paolillo – 14; Brenda Porter – 29; and Cheryl Damon – 30.  Our Christmas baby was recognized also:  Diane Bevak – 25.
Electronic minutes were moved and seconded for approval.
Committee reports were reported as follows:
Karen gave an update on the various divisions of the treasury.  
Diane S. reviewed the retreat info.  Deposits and registration forms were accepted.
Janet reported that 16 quilts were delivered to DFACS.  They are in need of quilts for older boys (teens).  So far 80 quilts have been distributed.  The Council on Aging, DFACS, Blue Ridge nursing home, and Copper Basin nursing home have received donations from PMQG.  Tops will be accepted, if you have any extra, for future use.  Nedra has the batting; just call her with measurements for delivery to the next meeting.
Fabric info was finalized for the Christmas meeting.  Everyone who is participating should have info to make sure the recipient is happy.  (Call Joanna or email, if you have lost or put your shopping list in a safe place.) 

Friday, October 24, 2014

October 23, 2014 Show and Tell

 Close up of quilting done by Leslie Boone
Nedra Sekera displays a quilt made by 
linda Kimsey

Close up of quilting on Loretta Jackson's quilt

Loretta Jackson shows her finished quilt.
This was her first time to participate in show and tell.

Pamela was visiting with us and shared her 
quilts with us

A baby quilt by Pamela

Jacquie Reinauer 
shows her quilt. 
Regretfully she promised it to someone 
before she had it quilted by Linda Gorman.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Challenge Quilts and Show & Tell September 2014

Challenge Quilts

Diane Bevack
The Winner
of the Challenge Quilts
 Janet Locke

 Melodee Hoeltke
 Nedra Sekera
 Karen Izor
 Cheryl Damon
 Pam Ippolito
 Leslie Boone
 Bonnie Garrett
 Carol Harting
 Rise Lockwood
 Jacquie Reinauer
 Glenda Green
 Linda Daughtry
 Group with Challenge Quilts
that will be delivered to DFACS

Show and Tell
 Diane Bevack
 Diane Bevack
 Glenda Green
 Mary Jane Paolillo
 Mary Jane Paolillo

 Mary Jane Paolillo
 Linda Gorman
 Lorraine O'Donnell
 Lorraine O'Donnell
 Bunny McKnew
Janet Locke

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Minutes August 28, 2014

Minutes for August 28 Meeting

The August meeting was called to order by President Janet Locke.
(PMQG forwarded a story concerning air ambulance services.  Some members were not able to open the article.)  Carol was able to invite Jimmy Morse, who is the Membership Sales Manager for AirMedCareNetwork.  He is located in Chattanooga, TN.  Jimmy gave us a very informative talk concerning using air ambulance services.  If it is necessary to use a Life Force helicopter, the cost will be approximately $15K; of this, most insurances will only pay part of the cost.  Schedule F may pay part also.  The premium for using the AirMedCareNetwork is $65, which covers everyone under one roof.  Web site is  Janet has several blank applications, which will be available at the September meeting.
At approximately 6:38 we began the regular meeting.  Janet welcomed the members and two guests.  Nedra brought her neighbor, Willie Magrath; and Martha Neher (MMQG) came with Betty and Bunnie.  Twenty-five members were in attendance.  Risë has had her knee surgery and is recuperating.  Mary Jane has not had hers yet and was in attendance.      She says she is feeling better.
The only August birthday was Marsha Gats on the 4th.  She is leaving for Chicago in mid-September.  She is busy getting ready to have a garage sale on September 5 and 6.
Janet thanked those who brought Mac and Cheese and baby food.  She reports that the workers at the Pantry were extremely appreciative of the food donations that we have been delivering each month.  
Members moved and seconded to approve the electronic minutes for the July meeting as written.
The following committees had reports to share.
Karen reported that the treasury stands at $2,843.58.
Diane S. reported that there is no real news yet for Retreat 2015.  It will be held June 16 -19.  Sign-ups will be September-October.
Linda K. reported that 17 quilts were delivered; 13 kits are signed out.  There are kits available for members to complete.  Janet reported that the church is rearranging the storage area, and we will not be allowed to store our material and refreshment totes in there.  For the time being Janet has the material at her house.  Kits are also available for walker bags.  Poll was taken to see if members wanted to have sew-ins or to sign out kits.  After discussion of pros and cons, general consensus was to have kits made available for members to check out.  After all kits are completed that we have now, it will be necessary to assemble more (probably next year). 
Refreshments will still need to be provided for September and October.  No storage means that members will have to bring the tote to meeting and pass on to the next month’s refreshment workers.  
All items in the storage area that have to do with quilting and sewing will now have a home with Diane S.  This includes irons, ironing boards, mats, and box of donated items.  She will store them and then bring them to the Retreat in June.
Remaining fabric swap forms were distributed.  Plan is to exchange at the September meeting.  This will allow ample time to shop before the Christmas dinner.
Carol H. reports that the committee, which also consists of Linda D. and Diane B. has met and has a slate of officers for 2015.
Carol also reports that she and Janet have a quilt for sale on behalf of the guild at Design Refind.  The price is $300, and the split is 60-40.
Remember that the challenge quilt is due at the September meeting.  
Michelle’s quilt will be given to her before she leaves.  Linda D. designed a quilt utilizing her “stash” of purples and oranges.  To make it an appropriate size, it was decided to add borders.  Butterfly fabric in lavenders will be utilized for the backing.  Glenda will be responsible for completing the quilting.
Time was given to partake in the refreshments of the evening.
Diane B. distributed fabric circles and needles and thread to all participants.  End result was to change a circle into a hexagon by folding it appropriately.  Some followed instructions better than others.  Luckily, she also had written instructions, as well as her verbal ones.  Diane B. explained that a Ball jar lid will make a hexagon approximately half of the diameter of the lid.  She also reported that the price for a nonmember to take a class at the AQS Quilt Show to learn the same procedure is $111.  She also showed several different uses of the hexagons, wall hangings, table runners, etc.  You can make a hexagon out of any size circle, from very small to very large.  She recommends New English Paper Piecing by Sue Daley, if you wish to learn more.  
Several members had completed items for Show and Tell.  Make sure you check out the pictures that match up with the written descriptions on our blog.
Carol H. completed Wedding Ring with colors of US and Venezuela flags for her son and fiancée.  Russ did the quilting.
Karen completed a QoV for Tom’s uncle.  Pattern was Keys of Freedom from Fons & Porter.
Leslie completed a kit from 2000.
Diane H. completed a twisted bargello that didn’t twist for her sister-in-law.  She also completed a green and orange layer cake design that was cut with mirror images for the blocks.  Her husband said this one can’t leave the house; it has to stay with them.  Sherbet colors were made into a disappearing hour glass pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
  1. Glenda reported, that the Domino pizza card is available again to help raise money for the school.  Cub/Boy Scouts are also selling popcorn to raise money. 
  2. Cheryl Damon reported that brown dyed fabrics used during the Civil War period are now disintegrating in quilts because iron filings were used to make the color.  She learned this at the Textile Museum in Carrollton.
  3. Diane S. reports that storing and towing fees are added to the physical damage to vehicles.  Plus towing costs are different.  She speaks from personal experience.
  4. Diane B. reports that the Dunkin Donuts in Ellijay has iced coffee for  $1.06 from 3 – 6 pm.
  5. Diane H. reports that a relative needs a quilt for someone else so it can be used for a fundraiser.  Thought Diane might have a spare one that she didn’t need.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joanna Marren
PMQG Secretary



Friday, August 29, 2014

Show and Tell August 2014

 This shows the beautiful quilting on the 
back of Carol Harting's table runner
 Close up of the quilting

 Carol Shows the top of the table runner
and explains its meaning.
It incorporates the colors of the US flag and the
Venezuelan flag for her son and 
his fiance.
 Karen Izor 
showed her Quilt of Valor 
that will be given to a relative

 Leslie Boone displayed the 
quilt she finished that she started
over 20 years ago
 Diane Head showed a quilt 
she had completed at the request of 
a relative.
 Diane showed a quilt that
her husband definitely wanted 
to keep for their house.
Diane showed a quilt that she 
a method she had seen on Missouri
Star Quilt.