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Walker Bag

Walker Caddy

A Free Nancy’s Notions® Project Sheet

This walker caddy will give a greater sense of independence to those who rely on walkers for added security.
You can make a caddy in about an hour, or a group can assemble multiples as a quick project. This project was
adapted from a caddy developed by Catherine Nolan, from Glendale, Arizona.

Supplies needed: Helpful notions:

3/4 yd. outer fabric •
Shears, or rotary cutter and mat
3/4 yd. lining •
26" x 27" fleece or flannel (batting) •
Matching all-purpose thread
Fabric markers
We recommend cotton, chambray, lightweight denim, or other sturdy washable fabric for the outside and lining.
Consider using vinyl for the lining if you plan to carry beverages in the caddy.


1. Cut fabrics:
Cut one outer fabric piece 26" x 27" (base).
Cut four outer fabric pieces 1" x 18" (ties).
Cut lining fabric 26" x 27".
2. Place lining section wrong side up. Center fleece/batting over lining. Cover with base section, right side up.
Pin layers together; then serge or zigzag around all outer edges, catching all layers.edges.

3. Fold caddy in half, right sides together, meeting 27" sides. Stitch 1/2" side seams.
4. Form gussets at the lower edge to shape the bottom of the caddy.
At lower corner, fold the fabric so the side seam stacks on top of the center fold line, forming a triangle.
Stitch across the triangle 1-1/2" from the point, sewing perpendicular to the seam.
Repeat on opposite corner. Optional: Trim seams; serge or zigzag to prevent raveling.
5. Fold under 3/4" at upper edge of caddy. Machine stitch hem.
6. Prepare ties.
Serge or zigzag short ends of each tie.
Fold each tie in half, meeting lengthwise edges; finger press.

Open each tie; meet lengthwise edges to the center crease.
Fold tie in half meeting lengthwise edges. Edgestitch short ends and lengthwise edge.
7. Attach the ties.
Fold each tie in half meeting short ends to identify the center.
Place one tie at each end seam with its center positioned in the hem. Stitch across the center several
times to secure each tie.
Measure 8" from each seam. Position and stitch the remaining two ties in place.
Meet ends of ties, folding ties away from the caddy.

8. Stitch pockets.
Meet hemmed edges of the caddy, positioning a seam at each end.
Mark a straight line from the two inner ties to the bottom fold.
Stitch from ties to bottom fold forming three pockets. Be sure to keep ties on outside of caddy, away
from stitching.
9. Tie caddy onto front of walker. 

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