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Friday, June 26, 2015

Revised minutes May 2015

Minutes for May 28, 2015 Meeting

The May meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.  Risë welcomed all members; there were no guests.
Diane S. needed to leave early, so she gave her Retreat report first.  After much deliberation the price will remain the same.  Dottie Horne has decided to join us.  Handouts were distributed with final instructions.  If you need to contact Diane S., her number is 706-745-0004; and Scottie’s cell is 706-633-0325.  
May birthdays are Linda Gorman – 5, and Bunnie McKnew – 23.
Mary Ann Tribble gave the treasurer’s report.
No corrections were needed for the electronic minutes.  They were approved as recorded.
Ginny B. was substituting for Janet.  She was taking any completed quilts and autograph blocks.  Ginny also had fabric available for the challenge quilt and kits for the autograph blocks and cheer quilts.
Risë presented info for Leslie.  Marti Michell is available for a lecture and class March 18 and 19, 2016.  Full day class for 25 students maximum would be $700; half day class would be $400.  Her lecture would be $300, any number of guests.  She would need to stay in a private room, NS.  Member’s home would be the same requirements.  Her website is  Click on “shop owner” to access next window.  Look for Marti Michell at top.  Will have to start making decision soon on how to obtain money.
Betty Ireland thanked members who brought refreshments.
Linda D. will discuss Facebook, etc. with her program tonight.
Nedra is cutting batting from another new roll.  After discussing appropriate measurement for batting to extend past the quilt edges, it was decided that 8” wider and longer would work.  (That means 4” all around the quilt.)
Diane H. showed examples of dog beds.  It was decided that Diane would make the envelopes, if she is given the fabric.  She will then bring them and distribute them to members to stuff with their own “stuff.”  Carol reported that she has taken 10 more beds to the store.  
Pam I. reminded us to bring first quilts from members whose last name starts with “B” to the June meeting.  She also reminded us about the July field trip to the quilt show at BRMAA Center.  Linda D. gave us info (handout) and demo about becoming a member on Facebook, creating your own safe account.  She will be able to answer any questions, if you have difficulty registering for the account.
Carol H. gave a report on the progress of the quilt show quilts that will be for sale.
Linda G. was absent so there was no QoV report.
Sandy reported that she sent a card to Pam that would catch up to her soon.  (She only had Pam’s FL address, but now she is one of us, permanently.)  Joanna sent an E-card to Cheryl, when she injured her wrist.  (If you receive mail from Blue Mountain cards, it is safe.)
No real old business, but remember to make your name tag for Retreat.
Care & concern – remember Bonny on June 2 – medical.
Show & Tell:
Pam I. showed a red, white, blue called Split Decision.  (Couldn’t find it under QoV.  Found it on web – The Teacher’s Pet.)
Stephanie showed a cow quilt for charity.  She put her name on label stitched on a scrap of fabric.
Karen showed the Christmas quilt from the Divas.
Susan showed her repairs to the quilt top Star.  She showed many quilts and imparted tidbits of knowledge to go with each one.  She has taught Warm Wishes (Also known as 2-3-2-6.) in classes.  You need one focus and three coordinating fabrics.  She showed the “easiest quilt in the world,” a tube made with 11 fabrics, consisting of 11 prints.  She also showed a 9-patch pizazz by Judy Sisneros, which used a focus fabric with big prints.  By contrast we are all underachievers; she makes a quilt a day.
Nedra showed her baby blanket and burp cloth.
Diane B. showed a game board that she made.  She also showed her quilted top from Kaffe.  We saw it before, when it was just a top.
Diane H. had a pillow that was too fat, so she opened it, and stuffed some small animals with it.  She also showed her “A Touch of Picasso.”
Linda D. used her book that Darlene gave her on modern quilts.  She made one quilt that looked like windows and one using Oriental fabric.
Respectfully submitted,
Joanna W. Marren, PMQG Secretary