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Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 7, 2012

Pat Pugrant gave an update of her Women of Valor quilt.
She also shared with us a quilt that was made by an email
friend that will be a donation to
a nursing home in Israel for Holocaust

Show and Tell

Linda Kimsey purchased some kits
at the Paducah show.
These are the completed quilts.

 Linda likes crows so the kits 
were completed.

Linda also found these 
adorable pin cushions in a kit. 

Michelle Harrison completed a basket construction class 
with Diane Simonsen.  She lined the basket with 

Linda Daughtry show a quilt she had completed
that was collaborated with her son.

Linda also shared with us the June issue of 
Quilting Arts magazine which had published her quilt. 

The image of the Giraffe quilt is on the left.


Lindsey Aaron demonstrated an easier way to
make English paper pieced quilts.
This is the quilt that her mother has been working on 
since January. 

Close up of quilt.

Thank you, Carol Harting for sharing your home with us for the meeting.

1 comment:

  1. I'm new to English Paper piecing.
    Can you share Lindsey Aaron's easier way to
    make an English paper pieced quilt?
    It is a beautiful quilt!!